How to recycle and dispose waste wires and cables to make high profits?

March 25, 2023

Latest company news about How to recycle and dispose waste wires and cables to make high profits?

The main body of China's current development is sustainable development, which advocates environmental protection and requires recycling of waste materials to achieve minimal or even zero pollution. The treatment of waste wires and cables has always been a concern of national environmental protection. How to fully utilize waste wires and cables without polluting the environment is the main central goal. The emergence of copper wire granulator has timely and well solved this problem. The successful development of copper rice machines has improved the quality and quantity of recovered copper, while avoiding environmental pollution caused by burning and extracting copper. They are professional equipment for separating and recycling waste electric wires (cables).


Due to the limited resources in China, the copper rice particles separated from these recycled waste copper wires have extremely high economic value. Currently, the equipment can process 500 kg of cables per hour, while the metal copper particles processed after separation maintain the original quality and quantity of copper. Generally, each ton of waste copper wires and cables contains about 40% copper, and the market price of copper is about 40000 a ton. At 40% of the processing capacity, the value is RMB12000. The market price of waste electric wires and cables is generally 6000 per ton, so overall, the profit is still considerable.