Tips for operating metal baler machines

March 25, 2023

Latest company news about Tips for operating metal baler machines

1. The metal baler machine is equipped with a buffer silo and variable frequency feeding equipment. Due to the laminated crushing principle adopted by the multi cylinder hydraulic cone breaker, which requires a uniform feeding chamber and a large feeding amount, it is necessary to pay attention to equipping the buffer silo in front of the equipment during installation and use to ensure the continuous feeding of the cone breaker. The feeding amount of the equipment should be accurate, adjustable, and controllable. It is recommended to install a frequency conversion feeding device to ensure a stable and full cavity feeding of the equipment.


2. Install the center feed unit. The feeding and discharging of multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is also an important factor affecting its crushing effect and service life. The metal baler equipment needs to be installed with a central feeding device to ensure its central feeding. The discharge of the equipment must be kept smooth to prevent damage to the equipment caused by accumulation of materials under the equipment due to excessive moisture, excess or powder.


3. Metal baler machines are equipped with iron removal equipment and check devices for belt conveyors. The belt conveyor is a device for conveying feed to multi cylinder hydraulic cone breakers, so the correct configuration of the belt conveyor is also related to the good operation of the equipment. The feeding belt conveyor shall be equipped with iron removal equipment to prevent damage to the equipment due to excessive iron penetration. The backstop device can prevent the material from falling back due to excessive weight when the feeding belt conveyor stops, thereby reducing the trouble caused by the belt conveyor stopping.