What are the precautions for purchasing metal baler machine

March 25, 2023

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In recent years, the country has increasingly attached importance to environmental pollution control, especially in industrial production. The discharge and treatment of industrial waste has become the object of strong supervision by the environmental protection department. For the mechanical processing industry, metal waste emissions account for the majority of industrial waste, and it must be effectively treated. In the metal manufacturing industry, a large amount of scrap metal scraps, including aluminum scraps, iron scraps, and steel scraps, are generated every day. Most of these scrap metal scraps are leftovers from machine tool production.


What about the remaining leftovers? Before the state strictly inspects the environmental governance of enterprises, many processing plants temporarily stack these waste metal wastes and then find recycling companies to recycle them. However, the accumulation of large amounts of metal chips not only occupies a large amount of factory space, causing dust and endangering the health of workers, but also contains cutting oil, which will cause cutting oil to flow and splash around.


In the face of these problems, coupled with the supervision of environmental protection departments, many manufacturing enterprises have begun to find ways to deal with the large amount of waste metal generated every day. Metal baler machine can help these manufacturing bosses solve the problem of metal debris accumulation. The working principle of a metal baler machine is to use a hydraulic system to cold press waste materials, shavings, and filiform waste materials into cakes. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a waste liquid collection tank, which can collect cutting oil from metal scraps during the compression process to avoid splashing everywhere. The scrap metal fragments compressed by the metal briquetting machine can be stacked well in the factory, saving a lot of factory space, and making it easier for subsequent recycling companies to transport and recycle.


Currently, with the introduction of a new policy on metal waste, many enterprises are starting to purchase metal briquetting machines to pass the review of the Environmental Protection Bureau. However, we do not know much about the relevant equipment and it is difficult to choose a model. We have also encountered many such customers. When purchasing a metal briquetting machine, how do you choose the equipment suitable for your industry? The following series will provide you with a detailed explanation.


1. Model Selection


Currently, our metal briquetting machines are divided into bm-10, bm-16, and bm -, which differ in compression force, block diameter, and device size. The selection of model should be determined according to the requirements of the metal scrap output and the diameter of the finished block produced by the enterprise. Only by defining your own needs can you make mistakes in device selection.


2. Supporting equipment


In addition, according to the actual situation of materials in various enterprises, the materials are in the form of filaments and blocks, which are not suitable for direct compression in metal briquetting machines. They need to be decomposed into small volumes before entering the compression process. Secondly, some enterprise materials contain chip liquids. After compression processing, a chip liquid recovery device is configured to recycle and process highly polluting chip liquid to prevent environmental pollution and pass environmental protection review. Therefore, enterprises need to support relevant equipment based on their actual situation.