Copper wire granulator has gradually become the main equipment to deal with waste wires

April 24, 2022

Latest company news about Copper wire granulator has gradually become the main equipment to deal with waste wires

Dry copper wire granulator is mainly used for recycling waste copper resources, and its processing object is mainly waste wires and cables that have lost their original value. In the past, due to the weak awareness of environmental protection, many enterprises and self-employed households used burning to remove the skin for recycling. In recent years, with the increasingly severe domestic environmental protection situation, the method of burning copper was strictly prohibited, and the method of using copper rice machine for waste line recycling has gradually become popular. Dry copper wire granulator is an environmental protection mechanical equipment used to crush waste wires, circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires and earphone wires, and sort the copper and plastics in them. It is also a waste reuse equipment. The discarded wires and cables can be recycled to realize the effective recycling of resources. If the equipment wants to be used for a long time, regular cleaning and maintenance cannot be lacked. Then, what parts of the dry copper wire granulator need to be cleaned? When using the dry-type copper wire granulator, there are two parts that are easy to be blocked, and these two parts also need to be cleaned frequently.

1. Feeding outlet of dry-type copper wire granulator: feeding is the main premise of dry-type copper wire granulator processing. Without feeding port, it is impossible to complete various operations such as crushing and processing of waste wires and cables. For this reason, the feed inlet will also be blocked when used. If the material specification carried in the feed inlet is too large, there will be serious congestion, resulting in the decrease of feed speed. Therefore, the daily cleaning of feed inlet is the basic condition to ensure the normal operation of dry copper wire granulator. 

2. Dry type copper wire granulator screen: the screen is the main guarantee for filtering particles and making the processing of copper and plastic materials of dry type copper wire granulator more pure and of high quality. Because of this, the screen will be seriously blocked after long-term use and work. Therefore, when using the dry copper wire granulator, we should clean them regularly. Cleaning the screen is conducive to the processing of dry copper wire granulator.

To sum up, if you want to ensure the long-term and effective operation of the dry copper wire granulator and ensure high-quality operation, you might as well pay more attention to the two easily blocked parts of the feed inlet and screen, and clean them daily. If the dry-type copper wire granulator is not used for a long time, it must be properly preserved to avoid moisture or rust, which will affect the performance and service time. If the production is resumed, the dry-type copper wire granulator must be cleaned and maintained once, and then the machine can be put into normal production if there is no problem in the test. If there is a problem, be sure to find the cause and eliminate it before resuming production.