Don't forget to clean the screen during daily maintenance of copper wire granulator

March 25, 2021

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Copper wire granulator is a kind of environmental protection mechanical equipment used for crushing waste wires, circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires and earphone wires, and separating copper and plastic from them. It is also a waste recycling equipment.Usually, waste wires and miscellaneous wires that we don't use can be decomposed to realize the effective recycling of resources. If any equipment wants to be used for a long time, regular cleaning and maintenance can not be lacked. Then, what parts of copper wire granulator need to be cleaned? When using the copper rice machine, there are two parts that are easy to block, and these two parts also need to be cleaned frequently.

1. Feed inlet: feeding is the main premise of copper rice machining operation. Without feeding port, it is impossible to complete various operations such as crushing and processing of waste wires and cables. Because of this, the feed inlet will also be blocked when it is used. If the material specification in the feed inlet is too large, there will be serious congestion, leading to the decline of feeding speed. Therefore, the daily cleaning of the feeding port is the basic condition to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the machine and equipment.

2. screen: screen is the main guarantee for filtering particles, which makes copper and plastic products processed by copper wire granulator more pure and of high quality. Because of this, the screen will appear extremely serious blockage after long-term use and work. Therefore, in the use of copper wire granulator, we need to clean them regularly, clean up the screen blockage, which is conducive to the processing effect of copper wire granulator.

3. When the sorting of the copper rice machine is not clean, in one case, the diameter of the waste wires is small. The copper wire granulator can process all kinds of waste wires, such as circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires, earphone wires, etc., with the diameter of 5-20 mm. If the diameter of the waste wire is too small, the copper plastic separation rate of copper wire granulator will be affected, and the separation is not clean. Secondly, the copper wire granulator production debugging is not in place, the installation and debugging of copper wire granulator before production is very important, including testing the load test of copper rice machine, and testing on the basis of good air running test.

To sum up, if you want to ensure the long-term and effective work of the copper wire granulator, and ensure the high quality and high efficiency of the operation, you may as well pay more attention to the feeding port and screen which are very easy to be blocked. Daily cleaning should be carried out according to them.