Feed making skills for feed pellet mill

March 28, 2022

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When making feed, the formula of making feed is different due to different breeding livestock, but one thing is that there is no need to add water when making pellet feed, and it must be crushed before granulation. Generally, when we consult the pellet mill, the machinery manufacturer will often say that it can be granulated if it can be crushed, which is the reason.

Common feed raw materials include corn, peanut shell, wheat, straw, grass, wood bran, corncob, bran, leaves, etc. the feed made by the granulator is convenient for transportation and storage, can prolong the shelf life, and the particles are more conducive to the absorption and elimination of livestock.

Feed pellet mill usually pays attention to three principles in making ingredients. 

1. Customers who raise livestock by themselves can use whatever feed they used before, but they should pay attention to the moisture and humidity of the feed. The feed that is too wet needs to be dried in the sun first. 

2. The ingredients of pellet feed made by feed pellet mill are not just one, but can be mixed together with a variety of ingredients.

3. The proportion of ingredients is generally 6:4. The reasonable proportion of coarse feed and refined feed has higher nutrition, which is more conducive to particle forming and feeding of livestock.