How to choose the blade of Shredder? What material is the blade of Shredder?

August 16, 2022

Latest company news about How to choose the blade of Shredder? What material is the blade of Shredder?

The blade of the shredder is an important part of the shredder equipment. The quality of the blade directly determines the output and production quality of the whole equipment. As an important supporting role of the whole equipment, it plays a very important role. Therefore, the selection of the blade is very important. Strict control is required from the material selection to the production and manufacturing of the blade.


For different needs, the blade models and types are also different. Therefore, the nature of the materials to be transported should be taken into consideration before purchasing, so as to avoid being unable to use after purchasing. Moreover, after purchasing the blades of the shredder, the quality of the blades is also very important. If there is a problem in the production process of a low-quality blade, it will directly affect the service life of the shredder, and also delay time and cause certain economic losses. Therefore, a good after-sales guarantee is required when buying blades. A manufacturer with perfect after-sales service can generally ensure the quality of products.


Generally speaking, the blade of the shredder is divided into single axis blade and multi axis blade. The material selected for the blade of the shredder is relatively single. In the past, 9CrSi and Cr12MoV were used as two materials. In the subsequent production, it was found that the single axis shredder blade made of Cr12MoV has better cost performance. Therefore, all the single axis cutters of our company are made of Cr12MoV.


There are many commonly used materials in the multi axis shredder. According to the classification, it is mainly divided into two categories: Die Steel and tool steel. The die steel material has very good wear resistance and hardenability, and the blade of the shredder produced and entered the high-end road. Dc53d2skd11cr12mov is commonly used. However, tool steel has good resistance and impact resistance due to its low price. It is still very useful for some conventional plastic shredding and wood shredding. The commonly used materials are 6CrW2Si and 9CrSi.