How to correctly operate the dry-type copper wire granulator?

August 20, 2022

Latest company news about How to correctly operate the dry-type copper wire granulator?

When using the dry-type copper wire granulator to process waste cables, we all think it can process them efficiently. But sometimes, some mistakes or improper operations will slow down the processing efficiency of the copper wire granulator and even cause damage to the machine. What are the conditions for the stable operation of the dry-type copper wire granulator? TMS copper wire granulator manufacturer will tell you today:


1. The dry-type copper wire granulator should not add raw materials in an emergency. At this time, increasing the quantity of raw materials steadily is the correct way to make the raw materials run smoothly. As soon as the equipment was started, a large amount of raw materials were input. The cutter head and power unit may be damaged.

2. After the dry-type copper wire granulator starts to work normally, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of the raw material delivery rate to prevent the card machine. After continuous operation for 10 hours, the copper wire granulator shall be shut down for maintenance and common fault inspection, and production shall be conducted day and night. Shut down the machine for one to two hours, so that the equipment can get enough rest.

3. The maintenance of dry-type copper wire granulator is mainly to add lubricating grease to the rolling bearing and other parts, remove the dust collected by the crusher and sorting equipment, check whether the cutter head needs to be grinded or removed, and whether the screws are loose.