How to make scrap metal shredder produce more effectively

July 27, 2022

Latest company news about How to make scrap metal shredder produce more effectively

1. Operate the scrap metal shredder in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Before using and operating the scrap metal shredder, the technical conditions of all parts of the equipment were checked in many aspects, and there was no abnormal normal startup and operation. At the beginning of work, realize the idling of the equipment for 1-2min, check whether the operation is normal, and start the normal feeding and processing operation. When adding materials, it must be carried out at an even speed.


2. Confirm the size of the material. The maximum amount of materials allowed to be added in different models of scrap metal shredder and double shaft shredder is different. Therefore, during processing and production, we must know the maximum diameter of the feed inlet of scrap metal shredder.


3. Ensure production safety. Before entering the hopper, please know which materials cannot be torn. For details, please consult our metal shredder professionals to avoid damaging the machine. During the feeding process, if the feeding port is blocked, do not clean it by hand, and stop the machine to clean the blockage. Those who use motor power should cut off the power supply before troubleshooting. Fireworks are forbidden at the work site, and it is forbidden to increase the output by increasing the speed.


4. Maintenance cannot be ignored. When the scrap metal shredder is operating, the bearing temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. If the bearing temperature continues to rise under normal working conditions, it should be shut down immediately for inspection to find out the cause and eliminate the fault. Add lubricating grease at each bearing position regularly.


5. Check the blade of the shredder regularly, and solve or replace the blade in time if problems are found.