How to use the metal shredder correctly?

August 20, 2022

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The metal shredder is a kind of equipment specialized in shredding various waste metals. The motor power configured is generally large and the power consumption is large. If the metal shredder is used correctly, the power consumption can be saved to a certain extent and the service life of the equipment can be extended. How to use the metal shredder correctly?


1. The metal shredder equipment shall be fed continuously on an average during operation, and shall not be fed too much at one time, otherwise it will be jammed or dead. The restart time of the equipment shall be minimized, and this stable operation will not consume too much power.

2. In addition to the shredding of its own materials, it is necessary not to increase the additional burden of the equipment, which requires that the moisture content, particle size and impurity content of the shredded materials be reduced as much as possible.

3. The counterweight balancing wheel is installed in the metal shredder equipment, which operates stably and has large inertia and saves 20% of power. The upper and lower rotor shaft ends are equipped with flywheels, which can regulate the periodic speed fluctuation of operation, make it run smoothly, increase the rotational inertia, restrain the movement resistance and save more than 20% of power.

4. When configuring the motor, the optimal configuration method will be adopted. For some light and thin materials and easily torn materials, only one motor can work normally.