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Is the feed made by the feed pellet machine cooked?

May 29, 2022

Latest company news about Is the feed made by the feed pellet machine cooked?

Feed pellet machine, also known as pellet machine and pellet feed forming machine, is a kind of feed production equipment. It is a small machine that takes corn, rice husk, straw, forage, etc. as raw materials, smashes the raw materials and makes them into granules through processing.


When these raw materials are made into particles, they should pay attention to the moderate dry humidity, and should not be too wet, which will affect the formation of particles. Don't overdo it. The pellet feed produced by the feed granulator has a certain temperature, so the pellet feed produced by him is generally cooked, which is what we call internal maturation. The pellet feed produced in this way is more conducive to absorption, better taste, and more conducive to gastrointestinal nutrition absorption.

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