Operation specification for automatic knife grinder

May 27, 2022

Latest company news about Operation specification for automatic knife grinder

1. Please place the machine on a stable foundation and fix it properly.

2. For your safety, please install grounding wires as required.

3. Please check the rotation direction of the grinding wheel. It must be consistent with the direction of the marked arrow. Otherwise, please adjust the power connection mode.

4. Please pay attention to operation safety when installing the tool! After the cutter is installed on the cutter head, the distance between the blade and the cutter head is 5-8mm. Not too much or too little, and the exposure at both ends of the measuring tool should be consistent, otherwise it will affect the grinding quality! After adjusting the tool, tighten the pressing bolt to fix the tool.

5. When installing the tool, please pay attention to the angle of the tool holder. The angle of the tool holder should be consistent with the tool angle. Otherwise, please adjust the angle of the tool holder. When rotating the cutter head, loosen the fixing bolts at both ends of the cutter head, and then rotate the hand wheel. When the angle of the cutter head is adjusted, tighten the fixing bolts of the cutter head to fix the cutter head. When rotating the cutter head angle, there is an angle ruler at one end of the cutter head for reference.

6. After installing the tool, please check the height of the grinding wheel. Before starting the machine, the grinding wheel cannot touch the cutting surface and other objects, otherwise please raise the grinding wheel.

7. Proper amount of water or cutting solution shall be added to the water tank before work. Do not start without water!

8. The machine can be started up only after the above work is in place. After the machine operates normally, the grinding wheel slowly falls down. After the grinding wheel contacts the tool, pay attention to the grinding amount, which should not be too large.