Process improvement of hydraulic metal chip briquetting machine

January 30, 2022

Latest company news about Process improvement of hydraulic metal chip briquetting machine

Hydraulic metal chip briquetting machine is applicable to aluminum alloy profile factory, steel casting factory, aluminum casting factory and copper casting factory. Aluminum chip, steel chip, iron chip and copper chip are pressed back to the furnace to replace scrap steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and waste copper as raw materials, which can reduce burning loss. This equipment can directly cold press powdered cast iron chips, steel chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, etc. into 3-6kg cylindrical cake blocks, so as to facilitate transportation, putting into the furnace, and the whole process does not need heating, additives or other processes. The density of cast iron chips after pressing can reach 5-6t / m3. According to the requirements of customers, the product can also adopt domestic or imported hydraulic and electrical components, equipped with automatic feeding, weighing and other devices.



(1) Hydraulic drive, stable operation without vibration.

(2) The infrastructure is simple, and there is no need to use foot screws for installation.

(3) PLC control is adopted, and users can choose manual or automatic operation.