Suggestions on the use of scrap metal baler

December 28, 2020

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The suggestion of safe use of scrap metal baler can ensure long-term use of metal packer without failure. 

1. Use the power supply and air source that meet the requirements of metal packer.

2. The rear part of the metal packer (close to the control button) is equipped with electrical control elements. Under any circumstances, do not wash the body directly with water, otherwise there will be the risk of electric shock and damage to the electrical control elements

3. In order to prevent electric shock, the machine should be well grounded. Please provide a power socket with ground wire for the metal packer.

4. Please be sure to turn off the gas source and power before dismantling and washing the metal packer.

5. After turning off the power switch, there is voltage in part of the electrical control circuit of the metal packer. Be sure to unplug the power cord when repairing the control circuit.