Technology of copper wire recycling machine

December 16, 2021

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With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, more and more people begin to enter the research of industrial waste reuse. Waste recycling has become a hot project in recent years. It is a resource recovery engineering technology developed with the production chain of environmental protection and energy in recent years. It has become one of the important deep-processing technologies of industrial minerals and other raw materials. It is of great significance to the industrial development of modern high-tech waste resource recycling production technology.


The screening process used by the traditional copper wire recycling machine requires water. When the crushed raw materials are put into the water, the plastic will float up automatically and the metal will sink automatically. The buoyancy is used to screen out the plastic and metal. The principle of dry-type copper wire recycling machine is separation, that is, specific gravity separation. The production process of copper wire recycling machine production line is: Waste wires and cables - primary crushing - vibration separator - dust removal - secondary crushing - bucket elevator - high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment - separation.