The important role of lubricating oil for copper wire recycling machine

December 24, 2021

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In mechanical equipment, lubricating oil plays a very important role, which can significantly reduce the friction between equipment and make the copper rice machine work normally. If new lubricating oil is not added for a long time, the copper wire recycling machine will become dry and the processing will slow down. How much lubricating oil should be added to the dry copper wire recycling machine in order to maintain the processing of the copper wire recycling machine?


Machine wear is caused by conflicts during operation. Long term conflict will lead to wear of copper rice machine. The failure of most equipment parts is caused by wear, and the copper rice machine equipment should be maintained regularly. During maintenance, replace the lubricating oil in time to keep the copper rice machine in good working conditions, greatly reduce equipment wear and bring more benefits. Generally speaking, our crusher is operated in the open air. The lubrication effect is related to temperature. The viscosity of lubricating oil needs to be adjusted according to seasonal changes.


When the temperature is high in summer, thicker lubricating oil can be used to increase the service life of equipment lubricating oil, and the bearing effect is good. Reduce the consistency of lubricating oil in winter and ensure the operation of copper rice machine in low temperature environment. The general replacement cycle of lubricating oil is about one and a half months. When the temperature is high, it is replaced once a month. This ensures that the equipment operates well. We check carefully to find problems in time. It is believed that the service life of the copper wire recycling machine will be prolonged and the working efficiency of the copper wire recycling machine will be better than we expected.