The position of copper wire granulator in recycled metal industry

May 25, 2021

Latest company news about The position of copper wire granulator in recycled metal industry

At present, the society has always been committed to promoting technological progress and environmental protection in order to achieve sustainable development of the industry. In the past five years, technology and equipment such as reverberatory furnace, crucible furnace and blast furnace, which are directly burning coal, backward in technology, high in energy consumption, serious in environmental pollution and low in metal recovery rate, have been gradually eliminated, and a large number of advanced technology and equipment have been widely used. In the field of waste metal pretreatment, TMS company has widely used a number of advanced pretreatment technology and equipment, such as radioactive element detector, mechanized crushing and sorting equipment of waste lead-acid battery, wire peeling machine, copper rice machine, magnetic separation method, flotation method, gravity shaker, heavy medium beneficiation method, etc., realizing the waste metal pretreatment from manual to semi mechanized The transformation of semi automation.

In the field of recycling, oxygen enriched bath smelting, double chamber reverberatory furnace, horizontal rotating reverberatory furnace, permanent magnet stirring technology, sks lead smelting process, short kiln, mechanized treatment process of aluminum ash, vacuum distillation process of extracting zinc from hot dip galvanized slag, large tonnage electric furnace smelting of recycled copper rod submerged liquid diversion multi flow multi head horizontal continuous casting process, etc Advanced technologies and equipment such as Pyrorefining high conductivity copper and other continuous casting and rolling processes have been widely used.The copper wire granulator greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the energy consumption, improves the metal smelting recovery rate, and effectively protects the environment. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory.