What are the uses of double shaft shredder?

February 25, 2022

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Double shaft shredder is a large and small-scale biaxial shredder equipment that uses biaxial knife rollers to do relative movement to cut or tear up shredded materials. This equipment is mainly composed of knife roller, screen, fixed knife, bearing box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system.Due to its low speed and high torque, the double shaft shredder is suitable for shredding hard or large materials. Such as wood, tires, waste household appliances, metals, etc.


Double shaft shredder is mainly used for coarse powder in waste household appliances, color steel plates, cables, plastics, rubber, ton bags, tires, domestic waste, paper waste and other industries. It is mainly characterized by high output, no dust and low noise. It is an environmental protection processing equipment at present.


Purpose of double shaft shredder: generally, it can be used to tear up solid materials such as plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electrical parts and cables that are difficult to break, such as nozzle material, rubber head, PET bottle, cardboard, circuit board, wood, plastic barrel, etc. As long as the material is difficult to be shredded, the product coming out of the shredder becomes 20x40mm granular. During the use of the shredder, the knife speed is low to ensure safety, no harm, low noise, low energy consumption and strong practicability.