What are the uses of metal chip briquetting press machine?

January 18, 2022

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Scrap metal mainly includes scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scrap steel, iron filings, stainless steel filings, etc. the metal filings cake press produced by TMS company is suitable for various metal filings cut by machine tools, such as iron filings, iron filings, steel filings, aluminum filings, alloy filings, copper filings, etc. it is an ideal equipment for enterprises such as ferroalloy smelting, metal scrap, scrap steel, metal waste recycling, etc.


Metal chips are used as raw materials in many metallurgical enterprises. However, most users don't know much about metal chips, so they can't achieve the ideal use effect in production and application. Even some users can't use metal chips as raw materials because they don't understand the basic characteristics of metal chips. As we all know, metal waste is a kind of waste resource, which is produced in a large number in machining production projects, accounting for about 20% and up to 30% of metal castings. The composition of metal chips is pure, and the content is much higher than that of any ore. Usually, they can only be treated as waste and have great recycling value. Especially for various alloy casting enterprises, the rapid self recovery of metal chips is of greater significance.