What should farmers pay attention to when using feed pellet machine

September 29, 2021

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There are only a few ways to use the pellet machine. The breeders feel very simple and do not need professional technology. The pellet machine is really easy to operate, but we should pay attention to several points. 


1. The machine feeds at a uniform speed


Whether the pellet machine is fed at a uniform speed is a problem ignored by most farmers in the use process. The length of the uniform speed directly affects the normal operation of the pellet machine. If the feeding is too fast, the machine will be overloaded. If the feeding is too slow, the feed pellet machine will be empty and more difficult to operate. Therefore, the uniform feeding speed can not only ensure the normal operation of the pellet machine,  but also improve the working efficiency of the pellet machine. 


2. Pellet size of material crushing


We all know that according to the different feeding properties of animals, the pellet size of pellet machine is also different in the pelleting process. However, we still have misunderstandings about what it looks like to crush and pelleting. Generally, the pellet size of material crushing is related to the pressing diameter in the pellet machine. When conventional materials are crushed, the diameter of general pressing is about 6mm, and particles lower than 6mm belong to special poultry properties, while the general pressing of conventional feed is within 6mm.


3. Feed pelleting moisture


Many farmers do not consider the problem of water in the use of feed pellet machine, which will lead to soft and shapeless pelleting products, resulting in poor animal feeding habits. However, the pelleting feed finished product adopts the principle of dry in and dry out, so the water requirements in the pelleting process are very strict. Therefore, it is suggested that farmers control the water content of the material at about 13% when using the feed pellet machine. In this way, the pressed particles are relatively full and the finished product effect is good.