Whether climate change affects the pellet machine

November 17, 2022

Latest company news about Whether climate change affects the pellet machine

The pellet machine is a device for producing environment-friendly biomass fuel. With the request for the climate environment, the demand for pellet is increasing. Although the climate is extremely hot, the pellet machine cannot stop working. So, does climate change have an impact on the pellet machine? Next, we will answer this question for users here.


With the continuous improvement of pelletizer skills, the equipment can be produced normally in the hot summer, but there are also some things to pay attention to.


First of all, in the extremely hot climate, the biomass pellet machine itself will generate heat during the production process. Most of the pellet are crop waste. Its characteristics must be relatively light, with poor adhesion, and the temperature will increase during the extrusion process. The equipment pressure wheel assembly has the function of smoothing and cooling. In the summer production process, the time and amount of oil injection for the pressure wheel assembly and the uniformity of oil injection are very strict.


The above is the whole content of today. Secondly, during the production process of the pellet machine, it is necessary to constantly monitor all processes (current, voltage, noise, dust, particle conditions, and the size of oil injection), replace the vulnerable parts in question of the pellet machine in time, and ensure the continuity of the operation of the pellet machine.