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Which waste wires can be treated by dry copper wire granulator?

August 30, 2021

Latest company news about Which waste wires can be treated by dry copper wire granulator?

The dry-type copper wire granulator is a mechanical equipment used to process and treat waste wires. It can separate the copper and plastic in waste wires, so that the waste wires can be effectively recycled and utilized. What waste wires can be treated by the dry-type copper wire granulator?

In fact, the working scope of the dry copper wire granulator is still very wide. It can process a variety of waste wires. The common wires include automobile circuit wires, motorcycle, battery car circuit wires, waste square wires, network wires, earphone wires, etc. in addition to these waste wires, the dry copper wire granulator can also separate some other materials containing copper wires and plastics, and the effect is also good. However, due to the limitations of the equipment itself, the copper wire granulator is not conducive to the separation of some waste cables with a diameter greater than 20mm, which will damage the blades inside the equipment.


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